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Centro de la Columna Vertebral


About us

The Centro de la Columna Vertebral is the only private medical clinic specialized in diseases and conditions of the spine in Mexico and Latin America. Under the direction of Dr. Eloy Ovando Sanders, he developed a non-surgical method for the treatment of herniated discs.

Dr. Eloy Ovando Sanders performed his first consultations for spine problems and herniated discs in Rosarito, Baja California Norte.

April 1st,1997, in the city of Tijuana, B.C.N., Mexico, Dr. Eloy Ovando Sanders began treating herniated discs without involving surgeries. Later, in 2002, he legally set up the Centro de la Columna Vertebral.

Patient’s treatment at the Centro de la Columna Vertebral is comprehensive. Perfectly trained health professionals such as nurses, therapists and nutritionists establish the exact diagnosis of the condition in order to carry out the most appropriate therapeutic option for each case.


    To provide comprehensive health services of specialties, fundamental to the population with Herniated Disc problems, seeking in the provision of services, the generation of knowledge and training of human resources of excellence in health sciences, as well as providing maximum comfort to the patient while receiving treatment

  • In November 2005, the first clinic of the Centro de la Columna Vertebral in Mexico City was opened in Villa Coyoacán.

    Thanks to the success obtained and to the satisfaction of our patients who took advantage of our non-surgical Spine Treatment, the clinic moved to our facilities in Rio Mixcoac Avenue, in southern Mexico City.


Our team

The care that patients receive at the different Centros de la Columna Vertebral is comprehensive, since we have perfectly qualified medical, nursing, physical rehabilitation and nutrition personnel.

Moreover, our clinics have expert doctors in Traumatology and Orthopedics who will be able to establish a precise diagnosis to determine the causes of low back pain, disc herniation, and inflammation in the extremities or any other ailment related to a patient’s back. This will serve to carry out the most appropriate therapeutic option according to each case.

The clinics specialize in the non-surgical relief of painful problems of the spine, especially intervertebral disc herniation. Ninety-five percent of the patients seen in our clinics have had excellent results, and manage to avoid surgery. The entire procedure is performed with a high safety rate and virtually no side effects.


The Ovando Sanders Treatment

Our treatments are based on the application of Dr. Eloy Ovando Sanders’ exclusive analgesic and anti-inflammatory formula through the intravenous route; applied to the painful area of the spine or where studies have shown the existence of damage to the intervertebral discs. We also provide physical therapy and nutritional control and adjustment

Dr. Eloy Ovando Sanders Founder

Dr. Eloy Ovando Sanders is a pioneering specialist in non-surgical treatment for spinal conditions, back pain and herniated discs.

Thanks to the Ovando Sanders formula, over 27,000 patients have recovered their quality of life.